Sunday, 12 May 2019

Review: The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain

The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain by Geoffrey Pimm
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The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain by Geoffrey Pimm

The books looks at how women were treated unfairly and very often violently throughout the the 17th and 18th century as stated in the title. Women during this time had very little to no rights and were treated as object of scron by the both the males of the households and justice system.

An examples of the difference between the treatment of men and women can seen in how courts delt with the crimes of petty theft and high treason for these crimes men where hanged , where's women were hurshly sentenced to death by burning at the stake. In any household at the time a men could also beat his wife and his female servants with legal rights to do

A interesting, well researched and a thought provoking book but sadly at times a very hard read due to subject matter.

Would recommend to those with an interested in history, equality and equal rights.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Review: The Reaper's Touch

The Reaper's Touch The Reaper's Touch by Robert Southworth
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Mary Kelly lies dead upon her bed... Her sorrowful eyes still hold captive, the agony of her fate. Anger, and fear walk side by side as the populace of London demand justice for the slain. Is it a single mad man or is there a bloody political game being played out in the grime filled streets of the old City? The authorities are powerless to stop the bloodletting and call for a new kind of law. William Harkness, former officer of the 66th Regiment of Foot will join the hunt. His task is not to bring an insane killer to court, his hands are not tied by the laws of the day.William Harkness is the killer of killers, the assassin of evil...

My review

Having an interest in reading Jack the Ripper books in fiction and nonfiction I decided to read The Reaper's Breath (The Ripper Legacies Book 1) by Robert Southworth

This was my first time reading a book by this author and I have to say I have not been disappointed.

Mr. Southworth has done an excellent job of betraying life in 19th century London.

In the 'The Reaper's Breath' the author has taken some of the real life characters from the real life investigation into the Jack the Ripper case and them placed alongside fictional characters. To to create a interesting look at the murders committed by Jack the Ripper and the reasoning behind the killings.

For those of you who like me often read Jack the Ripper books,this one offers a refreshing look at the murders and the perpetrator.

You find yourself at some points getting very emotional involved with the characters and yes dare I say very cross with the writer but I'm not one for giving away spoilers I'm afraid you will have to read the book toto find out why.

I'm now off to read 'The Reaper's Touch (The Ripper Legacies Book 2) ' Robert Southworth's second book in the series.

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